Supplement Treadmill

The supplement treadmill hosts free supplements for other (frequently commercial) games. Planned upcoming content includes:

4E: Nextwave – Saving America by beating people up.
Agon: Agonia – A crusaderpunk campaign setting.
Agon: Gridiron Gods – Pigskin requiem.
Agon: Super Spikeball – Intense volleyball action.
Bliss Stage: Artful Dodgers – Child thieves in Dickens’ London.
Bliss Stage: The Bliss-Robed Lie – An attempt to do The Matrix.
Cold City/Hot War: Maruta – Ishii’s monsters in North China.
Cold City/Hot War: Mwaantaangaand – Project Coast in Angola.
In a Wicked Age: The 108 Bravos of Mount Liang – Water Margin.
Shock: The Last Days of Old Macao – Gangsters and gamblers.
Shock: Societies in Motion – Changing the world.


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