1. Collaborative Roleplaying: Reframing the Game
Emily Care Boss
2. Immersive Story Methods for Tabletop Play
John H. Kim
3. Mridangam
Shreyas Sampat
4. Against the Geek, Choice
Eero Tuovinen
5. Waiting for the Queen / Tea at Midnight
Jonathan Walton
Clio Chiang
Victor Gjisbers
Jessica Hammer
Brand Robins
Annie Rush
Paul Tevis
Moyra Turkington

1. Nordic Larp 101
Eirik Fatland
2. Online Freeform Roleplaying: An Interview
Sarah Kahn with Thomas Robertson
3. Jazzing It Up: Improvisation and Thematic Play
Timothy Walters Kleinert
4. Online Freeform Roleplaying
Madeline Klink
5. The Reverse Secret Pre-History of Roleplaying
Rob McDougall
6. Improvisation and Roleplaying
Jason Morningstar
7. Ludi Imaginationis
Eero Tuovinen
8. The Persuaders: Pedagogical Game Design in Progress
Bill White and Dave Petroski
9. Roleplaying in China
Keith Yim
Bethany Culp

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