Free Game Valhalla

When free games are awesome, valkyries swoop down and carry them off to Free Game Valhalla, where they can be easily downloaded and played by millions of happy people, all over the world.

Donjon – Clinton R. Nixon (2002)
Donjons (and Dragonnes)

Drowning & Falling – Jason Morningstar (2006)
Bobbing for Apples

Dungeon Squad – Jason Morningstar (2005)
A Thread on Dragonsfoot

Nicotine Girls – Paul Czege (2002)
From A to C and Back
How to Run Nicotine Girls

The Pool – James V. West (2000)
Bloggers vs. Big Pharma

The Shadow of Yesterday – Clinton R. Nixon (2004)
The Thought Lords of Mars
How to Use Secrets, Abilities, & Keys

Shadows – Zak Arnston (2002)
WWII Romania Orphanage
Knights of the New Republic

Snowball (A Pool Variant) – Alexander Cherry (2003)
Rought Night in Roundstone

The Window – Scott Lininger (2004)
A Review of the Window


3 Responses to Free Game Valhalla

  1. Adam Flynn says:


    I recommend adding Thugs & Thieevs by Ethan Greer. There is a now defunct forum on The Forge for the game with actual play posts ( here. I’ve run it three times and enjoyed the hell out of it each time. It’s not cutting edge, but it’s got great personality:

    Thugs & Theievs

  2. […] in un manicomio che… ricordano qualcosa.The Window, un gdr che fa bella mostra di sé nel Free Games Walhalla, mica cazzi! :-)E ultimo di questa lista (ma sicuramente ci saranno altre traduzioni in corso […]

  3. C. Edwards says:

    Hey Jon,

    Just letting you know that the “WWII Romania Orphanage” link for Shadows is pointed to an AP post for “Shadows in the Fog” by Chris Lehrich.

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