Website Updates

February 18, 2008 now redirects to this site. Yay!

Also, Emily Care Boss’ terrific article, Collaborative Roleplaying: Reframing the Game is finally formatted properly, as is my much less cool introduction. Emily’s piece is one of the go-to resources about the whys and hows of GM-less and “everbody GMs” play. The other stuff from Push 1 should follow shortly.


Push 1 Up, Needs Formatting

February 8, 2008

Getting closer. All the text from Push 1 is up and I’ve started formatting the introduction and Emily’s article, which are looking pretty sweet actually. Hopefully, by the weekend, I’ll have all the articles formatted properly, with tables and graphics included. Good luck understanding Mridangam without the gestures to go with it 🙂

In the formatted articles, I’ve stuck in links at the top to the PDF version of the entire book and the last few print copies available through IPR. Once those are gone, the book will only be available through Lulu and I probably won’t even bring copies to conventions. So if you’ve been planning on getting a print copy of Push 1 and don’t normally make Lulu orders, this could be your last chance.

Site Revamp Underway

February 5, 2008

I got the approval of the Push 1 contributors to post their articles online, so I’ve begun putting them up over on the new Push 1 page. So far, the only article up is my introduction, but I’m using it to fine-tune the CSS before going down the list and posting the other articles. Eventually PDF versions of the articles will be up too. Then it’s on to Push 2.

I’m also trying to redo the overall look of the website to prepare it to host the domain name and become the core of my publishing activities. Hopefully none of the feeds will change, so everyone can just keep being subscribed to this blog. More updates as I get more material posted.