About BP

Bleeding Play is a publishing imprint for free pen-and-paper roleplaying games and a portal linking to other free games on the web.

I started work on Bleeding Play because I felt that the commercial model of selling creator-owned games, fueled by the ease of publishing in both print and electronic (mainly PDF) formats, had begun to overshadow the model of high quality, freely distributed games, including Jared Sorensen’s octaNe, James V. West’s The Pool, Zak Arntson’s Shadows, Vincent Baker’s Otherkind, and Paul Czege’s Nicotine Girls, all of which I enjoyed without having to pay for.

Bleeding Play is not a business, making no profit from all the work put into it. It is a hobby publisher that releases all its material for free on the internet in electronic forms (HTML and PDF) and in print through print-of-demand services (such as Lulu) that allow us to sell games at cost to interested parties without having any money pass through our hands. In any event, our games are posted here for everyone to enjoy, whether they believe in the cause of free content or not.

Currently, Bleeding Play‘s main goals are publishing Geiger Counter, a cooperative survival horror game; the first two volumes of Push, a collaborative journal on new developments in roleplaying; and Transantiago, a unclassifiable game about bodhisattvas on the subway.

Will Bleeding Play ever publish game material that isn’t written and/or organized by myself? Possibly. But that depends on other creators being interested in publishing through the Bleeding Play imprint and producing work that I’m interested in publishing.

— Jonathan Walton, 2008-08-17


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