Rob Runs RAND

While we were all sleeping, Rob McDougall secretly posted another section of his Secret Pre-History of Roleplaying thing. It’s super interesting, since it’s tangentially related to my day job.

Also, in other news, Timothy Burke, of Swarthmore and Terra Nova, has this to say about the possibility of writing something for Push:

    I loved Rob’s article and the publication, and I’ve been thinking about material that might well suit what you’ve got in mind. I recently wrote an essay for a volume on games and politics that was primarily about how players try to influence developer actions. One of the minor arguments in the essay is that the “grammar” of player-developer politics has been historically influenced by the relation between players and GMs in pen-and-paper role-playing, that there are structural inheritances. Let me think a bit on this and come back at you with an abstract…

So we might have Tim Burke dropping some science about MMORGs in Push 2 or, if deadlines are extra tight, Push 3. Exciting!


One Response to Rob Runs RAND

  1. Rob MacD says:

    Thanks for the link and your continued patience on the article, Jonathan. Rest assured I’m saving some good stuff back from the blog posts for PUSH.

    How is the RAND post related to your day job?

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