Rough Contents of Push 2

This is what things are looking like right now, based on the articles that I’ve actually seen finished or partially finished drafts of, and the stuff I’m currently in negotiations about.

Full Drafts

  • Eero Tuovinen, Ludi Imaginationis (game)
  • Bill White and Dave Petroski, The Persuaders: Pedagogical Game Design in Progress (game+)
  • Timothy Walters Kleinert, Jazzing It Up: Improvisation and Thematic Play

Partial Drafts

  • Jason Morningstar, Improvisation and Roleplaying
  • Rob McDougall, The Reverse Secret Pre-History of Roleplaying
  • Eirik Fatland, Nordic Larp 101
  • Sarah Kahn, topic: “online freeform, remix of Thomas Robertson’s interview”

Confirmed, But No Draft

  • Madeline Klink, topic: “online freeform”
  • Keith Yim, topic: “roleplaying in Greater China”

I Would Like to Include

  • something by Jess Hammer, which I need to talk to her about
  • something about roleplaying in virtual worlds, which I’ve emailed Timothy Burke about, hoping for suggestions on possible authors, and plan to mine Second Person for other possibilities

Woohoo! Inching steadily closer.


One Response to Rough Contents of Push 2

  1. John Harper says:

    Sarah Kahn!

    I used to correspond with her on Usenet, like… 14 years ago. Whoa. That’s plum crazy.

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