Push Has Arrived

The time has come. Form blazing sword!

Bleeding Play, the new blog and online home of Push, is now in existence. This is part of the larger blog-consolidation effort that I have been making recently, but also reflects changes in how I think it’s best to get things done on the internet.

Over the last few years of trying to put Push 1 and 2 together, I’ve come to the conclusion that a forum, like our old haunt on The Forge or the current Plays Well forum, is not really supportive of the kinds of things we need to accomplish. Forums need a minimum amount of traffic and regular posting to get things going. Putting Push together often involves kicks and starts, irregular periods where posting happens frequently followed by long droughts where nothing happens. Also, I spend a fair bit of time trying to fight spam on the forum, rather than accomplishing stuff. We need an alternative method.

I also think that structuring Push development as a group blog creates a different kind of working environment for contributors, commentators, and the other people who help put Push together. If the social environment that surrounds Push can be more like The 20 x 20 Room has been in the past, I think that can only be a good thing.

I also like the idea that Push development can be a public process, so people can get a clear sense of how we put a volume together. The final, edited version of all the articles will still only be available in Push or from the individual contributors, but putting the working drafts up for open comment does some good things for us as well, I think. Articles can start as simply a blog post or a posted outline. Then that can be moved to it’s own designated page and future posts can slowly expand the original until an entire first draft is developed. This is the way I’ve been working on some recent design projects and the way Shreyas and I set up Secret Wars to run. Our success in that format leads me to believe this is a better model for running Push.

That said, putting a volume of Push together is clearly a collaborative process, so the preliminary plan of action I’ve sketched out here will doubtlessly be altered once other people start arriving and doing there thing. Any creative collaboration (including playing a roleplaying game) is all about the process of negotiation and I will continue to see my role as facilitating the negotiation and creation process.

Future news and development of Push will all take place on Bleeding Play. Move your bookmarks and feeds now, so you don’t miss it!


3 Responses to Push Has Arrived

  1. timfire says:

    So, when we’re done with our article drafts, you want us to post them here? (I’m curious, ’cause, I’m just about done.)

  2. Well, ideally, what’s gonna happen is that Push contributors will be set up to be able to create new pages (like the “About” page above), you’ll stick your draft up there (like on a page named “Tim”), and then post a message on the blog announcing it. Then people can show up and comment on your draft. And then some of those comments might even be included in the marginal commentary.

  3. Rob MacD says:

    Hi Jonathan. I like the new digs. I sent you an email a few days back saying I didn’t think I could make the May 31 deadline with my article for you; in the interim I also blogged something about a funny figure from gaming history that turned up in my research: Dungeon Master Zero. Trust you don’t mind me blogging bits and pieces of what will eventually be my article.

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