Initial GenCon Notes

Michael Babbitt just wrote a neat review of Emily Care Boss’ article for Push 1.

GenCon was awesome. There were only 4 copies of the book left on Sunday morning (out of 45 or so that were for sale) and they disappeared by 2pm. Everybody I talked to about the project thought it was both awesome and needed.

I only ran about 4 demos of Waiting/Tea, because it’s kind of an awkward game to demo, but that didn’t seem to affect sales much. It still sold like hotcakes. And Adam Dray wanted to play Waiting/Tea again, he dug it so much.

Tim Kleinert (The Mountain Witch), Mike Sugarbaker (OgreCave), and Kevin Allen Jr. (Primitive) all said they want to write articles for Push 2, plus Ken Hite (ridiculous amounts of things) said he’d love to write commentary for it. Exciting.

I got personally interviewed for the OgreCave Audio Report and then all of the new indie folks recorded a group podcast for the Sons of Kryos (which Judd called one of the favorite things they’ve ever recorded). Both were awesome and hopefully my parts will be edited so I won’t sound so inarticulate.

Thomas Robertson says we should start a Push podcast about recent developments in design and play. I floated this idea with Paul Tevis and Judd Karlson, who were encouraging. Maybe it would help me learn to speak slowly and coherantly in public. And it would be great to talk about recent developments with other smart folks. We’ll see if we can’t put something together.

Copies sold so far? We’re getting close to 75, I think, including PDFs and the ones sold at GenCon. A few recent PDF buyers have said they’d have found it sooner if it was available on RPGnow or e23 or DriveThruRPG, so I’m considering those options. Not sure yet.


3 Responses to Initial GenCon Notes

  1. Michael says:

    Hey man,

    Congrats on all the great news about PUSH. That’s awesome to hear that it’s doing so well. Even though my review was only about the one article the whole book is gorgeous and well written. I’ve finished 3 of the 5 (your game, Emily’s post and Tuovinen’s article.) I’m studying for comps now so I’ll get through the rest as soon as I can. But great writing, I love the commentary as well, very intersting ‘angle.’

  2. John Kim says:

    Also, congrats. I love the product, and it makes me hunger to review and write for the next issue.

    By the way, ‘Tobias Wrigstad suggested that since we link to “Beyond Role and Play”, the PUSH website also link to the 2006 Swedish Knutpunkt book — “Role, Play, Art” — which has a page online at

    Unfortunately, there is not a central website for all the Knutpunkt conventions and books. Apparently the national divides are just too great. 😦

  3. misuba says:

    I dunno, man, rapid and incoherent has always worked for me.

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